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Check out our merchant vendors!

Brittles and Bites
Sweet and Savage Soaps
Mosto Creations
Luvmibug and Tim
Pulaski and Perry CASA
Long Dog Daisy
Plexus Slim
Queen B's
X and E
Leaf Filter Gutter
Beauty by Far (face painting) OB
Dandelion Kisses
Mosto Creations
Beauty by Far
Mirror Mirror Couture
Origami Owl
SeneGence-Lip sense
Bath Fitter


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We're excited to have Lost Forty in the festival beer garden!

Braggs Big Bites
Sandra Rose Kitchen
Just Eat it
Kingdom Made Treats
The Crispy Chicken
Georgia Dreamz Kitchen
Nachyo Nachos
The Big Squeeze
Jefferson’s Mobile Grilling (BBQ)
Down Home Blues BBQ
Halls Southern Express
Hot Rod Wieners
Katmandu MoMo
Keith’s Kettle Corn